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Pony unveils first BEV robotaxi concept in collaboration with Toyota

In August, and Toyota announced they would form a joint venture to advance the future mass production and large scale deployment of fully driverless robotaxis. (Earlier post.)

Pony has now unveiled the first BEV robotaxi concept in collaboration with Toyota based on the bZ4X (earlier post) produced by GAC Toyota at the opening of the 6th CIIE (China International Import Expo) in Shanghai, 5-10 November.


The robotaxi is equipped with Pony’s 7th generation L4 autonomous driving PV software/hardware system.

Toyota has carried out strategic cooperation with since 2019; the two have jointly promoted the research and development of high-level self-driving vehicles for mobile travel services in China.

Currently about 200 Robotaxis based on Lexus the RX450h and Toyota Sienna have been operating in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai.


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