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Westport announces Hydrogen HPDI project with a leading global locomotive original equipment manufacturer

Westport Fuel Systems announced an agreement with a leading global provider of locomotives and related equipment for the freight and transit rail industries, to adapt its hydrogen HPDI fuel system (earlier post) for use with the locomotive original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) engine design.

The two-year H2 HPDI proof of concept project is expected to begin immediately and is fully funded by the OEM.

This is Westport's first application of the H2 HPDI system for a locomotive. These applications require large capital investments in equipment that must perform in demanding, sometimes isolated, harsh environments.

Westport’s H2 HPDI fuel system has the potential to be a retrofit solution in this high horsepower market, leveraging the proven durability of the base diesel engine, to quickly decarbonize the rail sector. Westport believes this is a particularly affordable path to decarbonizing this sector without compromising performance or efficiency.

We are excited to work with a globally recognized team to jointly demonstrate the decarbonization potential of our HPDI technology in high horse power applications. Rail is a market for our hydrogen system and is clearly aligned with our approach to provide alternative decarbonization solutions for all modes of transportation. With near zero CO2 emissions, H2 HPDI will assist our partner to affordably decarbonize the transportation markets it serves.

—Scott Baker, Vice President of Global Engineering for Westport Fuel Systems


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