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VinFast Auto announced its aggressive plans for expansion across the US with more than 70 dealer applications in hand. Updates on dealer agreements are expected to be announced in the coming months, which should allow VinFast to start distributing its EVs through 125 points of sales nationwide.

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This is a step forward affirming VinFast's commitment to expanding its business network and quickly making electric vehicles accessible to more consumers. The company is planning to distribute its electric vehicle models at hundreds of points of sales by the end of 2024, including its existing showrooms. In 2023, VinFast expects to distribute VF 8 models through its distribution network, and will continue its offerings with the VF 9, VF 6 and VF 7 when these models launch in the market.

All VinFast customers who purchase or lease VinFast electric vehicles are eligible for VinFast’s aftersales policies including a 10-year/125,000-mile warranty for the vehicle and 10-year unlimited mileage for the battery under non-commercial use.

Additionally, VinFast’s Parts Distribution Centers are available to fulfill orders from all regional markets including the US and are ready to support dealers’ requests. VinFast’s dealers will be able to simply submit a request and then collect fulfillment periodically (monthly or quarterly) or, in urgent cases, by air. This will support the high standard of repair and maintenance services offered to VinFast customers, regardless of distribution method.

From now until year end, VinFast will conduct Pop-up Mobile Test drives across Austin, Texas, and other targeted cities and states, providing local customers with easier access to hands-on trials with VinFast EVs. Details will be shared later via VinFast’s official channels.

As unveiled last quarter, VinFast intends to establish broad distribution channels, leveraging local networks and the expertise of third-party dealerships and distribution to increase coverage in its expanding list of target markets. The company aims for its presence in up to 50 global markets and countries by the end of 2024.

VinFast—a subsidiary of Vingroup JSC—manufactures a portfolio of electric SUVs, e-scooters and e-buses in Vietnam and exports to the United States, Canada, and soon, Europe.



10/120 and 10/unlimited I wonder how that works? If you drive 24000 per year not hard to do in a huge metroplex commuting does the battery warranty outlast the other car parts warranties or does it all end at 120k when its reached first before ten years. If it's truly ten and unlimited on the battery then these would be perfect high mileage commuter cars especially if you have free charging at work. The VF8 looks nice.


Hey Toyota, too bad that you were so late developing Battery Electric Vehicles. Now VinFast is here to eat your lunch (along with GM, Ford, VW, BMW, Volvo, etc.)

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