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Electrify America and 4 GEN Logistics start construction of fast-charging station at Port of Long Beach

4 Gen Logistics, a trailblazer in sustainable logistics solutions, is making remarkable progress towards its commitment to operating a 100% zero-tailpipe emissions drayage fleet by 2025. The company is excited to announce the launched of construction for the first phase of the installation of 60 350 kW chargers at its Port of Long Beach facility. In each stage, 30 chargers will be installed.

In collaboration with Electrify America, the first phase of the project is projected to be completed by the first quarter of 2024. As part of Electrify America’s $25-million “Green City” investment, the thirty 350 kW dispensers provide a tailored charging solution in support of 4 Gen’s growing fleet of 65 zero-tailpipe emissions class 8 drayage trucks. Many are already in active service, with additional trucks to be delivered from November 2023 through January 2024.

4 Gen Logistics, along with Electrify America, is also nearing the completion of a 14-charger station in Rialto, California, and planning phase two, which will bring the Rialto location to 30 350 kW chargers.

In complement to the Port of Long Beach charging station, the Rialto charging station will serve drayage trucks traveling to and from the Ports Complex. Ultimately, 4 Gen intends to have a total of 90 high-speed charging stations in operation between the two facilities.


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