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Group14, a global manufacturer and supplier of advanced silicon battery technology, announced the commencement of Phase I of its European manufacturing roadmap by beginning preparations to restart operations at its newly acquired silane factory in Spreetal, Germany. (Earlier post.) Idled since 2016, the silane factory will manufacture a necessary precursor for many energy storage applications including silicon batteries and solar panels.

One of the premier automotive hubs in the world with a long-standing record of technical and engineering excellence, Germany has begun pursuing localized sourcing and production opportunities to de-risk its reliance on imports, revitalize its economy, and meet broader decarbonization goals. A prime location for Group14 to establish its foothold in Europe, Germany is home to many global brands including partners and investors such as Porsche AG and BASF.

With its technology already commercialized in consumer electronics and expected to be in EV batteries next year, Group14 says it is the leading manufacturer of silicon battery materials in the world today. As EV demand continues to surge, Group14 has successfully scaled the production of its technology and is now moving forward with its unique strategic modular approach to manufacturing, simultaneously constructing factories in North America and in Asia, the latter as part of a joint venture with SK.

Group14 opted to set up its European base of operations in Germany, starting with the acquisition of Schmid Silicon, which included a silane factory in Spreetal. With its latest acquisition, Group14 is looking to boost optionality by securing access to silane gas, boost access by bringing localized EV battery production to the region, and boost economic development efforts by creating new manufacturing jobs.

As part of Phase I of its European expansion plans, Group14 will leverage its technology and manufacturing expertise to restart the idled silane factory in Spreetal. With 15 employees in Germany today, Group14 expects to hire more than 65 employees by the end of 2024 for its silane factory, including engineers, operators, technicians, and administrative staff across all levels, as the company works to bring the factory back to its full production capacity.

Since the factory's acquisition, Group14 already has begun its hiring process to bring on engineering hires with chemical, mechanical, and electrical backgrounds.

Within the next six months, Group14 plans to set up its first European office in close proximity to Group14 investor and customer Porsche AG while it explores opportunities to build its third Battery Active Materials factory (BAM-3) in the country to provide locally manufactured silicon battery materials to European automotive OEMs.

Group14’s SCC55 is a combination of carbon, silicon and void space, and is available as a drop-in ready for any blend ratio with graphite or as a complete displacement. Fully compatible with graphite, SCC55 boosts energy density by 30% over 1000 cycles even with a 20% blend. As a complete displacement for graphite, SCC55 achieves a 50% increase in energy density performance over today’s best conventional lithium-ion batteries.


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