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Qmerit, North America’s leading installer of home and business EV chargers and other clean energy technologies, is now harnessing a trained proprietary AI model to streamline and speed the process of bringing EV charging, battery storage, and other clean energy systems to single and multifamily residences.

Qmerit has amassed a database of electrical infrastructure information on North American homes through more than 269,000 home charging installations by their contractor network. Panel Insights, Qmerit’s latest innovation, leverages advanced AI algorithms to evaluate an electrical panel’s specifications, including available circuit spaces, number of tandem breakers, total electrical capacity and more, all from a single image of an electrical panel. Panel Insights can analyze and interpret an image of an electrical panel instantly.

Panel Insights was developed in collaboration with experts from the Schneider Electric “AI Hub” team whose role was pivotal in the design and development of Qmerit’s industry-first AI solution.

The centerpiece of Qmerit’s AI solution suite is LoadCRE (Load Capacity Recommendation Engine) which takes the results from Panel Insights to calculate instantly the available capacity in the breaker panel for EV chargers, heat pumps, electric water heating, and other electrification technologies to ensure the home electrical system is not overloaded.

LoadCRE leverages Qmerit’s domain and software development expertise to create sophisticated algorithms which automatically generate the electrical load calculation required for an electrical permit and identifies when a load management solution or a panel upgrade will be required before installing electrification equipment. This gives Qmerit’s electrical contractors a much faster, more reliable method for performing load calculations and reduces the need for a separate site visit by contractors.

Panel Insights and LoadCRE will be available for every installation request, saving time and resources while ensuring the right processes are followed by every electrician, including permit documentation.

Projected benefits include:

  • Labor savings. The industry is facing acute shortages in skilled electricians, thereby hampering clean-energy electrification. Qmerit’s Panel Insights and LoadCRE will help mitigate this problem by allowing electricians to get more work done faster; labor that previously took hours can now be completed instantly. The reduced overhead from this streamlined journey can also translate into potential savings and lower permit processing fees.

  • Safety. Qmerit requires permits and load calculations to guarantee safety. Leveraging AI our automated load calculations, reduce potential errors, and standardize the documentation provided to city inspectors without having to visit the home, helping streamline the often-complicated permitting process.

  • Faster quotes with more accuracy. Automating electrical load calculations will also help customers decide which EV charger to buy, receive a faster installation quote, and allow auto companies to bundle the cost of the EV charger and installation into their loan or lease.

  • Documentation. The homeowner and/or installer will receive a printable, formatted document to submit to the city, and the city secures a reliable document for their review and future use.


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