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Synop, a provider of end-to-end software solutions that optimize charging and energy management for commercial electric vehicle fleets, is partnering with The Lion Electric Company, a manufacturer of all-electric medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.

Through this partnership, Synop’s vehicle, charging, and energy management solutions will be integrated with LionBeat, Lion’s telematics offering, and additionally available as an add-on solution for non-LionBeat subscribers.

By leveraging Synop’s APIs, Lion is advancing its ecosystem offerings, equipping electric school buses and trucks with a single interface that allows clients to see all the data and details needed to manage their assets. This empowers customers to manage infrastructure efficiently and to make informed decisions that maximize uptime and minimize cost.

Additionally, Synop’s technology can provide Lion customers with added revenue through its advanced vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. By automating energy management that prioritizes charging at lower-cost, off-peak hours, Synop’s software then equips customers with the ability to sell that energy back to the grid at a higher price during peak hours from vehicles not in use.

Lion currently has more than 1,600 electric vehicles on the road, with more than 19 million miles driven (more than 30 million kilometers). As of 6 November, the company is running a vehicle order book of 2,232 all-electric medium- and heavy-duty urban vehicles, consisting of 268 trucks and 1,964 buses, representing a combined total order value of approximately $525 million based on management’s estimates.


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