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Brightdrop becoming part of General Motors

Electric commercial vehicle innovator BrightDrop was born in GM’s Innovation Lab and spent the last three years as a wholly owned subsidiary. (Earlier post.) That structure allowed BrightDrop to operate with the agility and innovation of a tech startup and benefit from GM’s deep manufacturing expertise.

Now, BrightDrop will become part of GM. GM remains committed to scaling BrightDrop Zevo production, which is expected to resume in the spring of 2024 and will be supported by the launch of CAMI’s new battery-module plant based in Canada.

This new battery-module line will have capacity to fully support Zevo production at CAMI and supplement EV production at other GM plants.

As part of the structure going forward, BrightDrop electric delivery vans (Zevo 600 and Zevo 400) will continue to be part of GM Envolve’s commercial fleet offerings. Additionally, GM is bringing together all commercial digital solutions, including BrightDrop Core, into GM’s software and services organization.


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