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Kia introduces all-electric EV3, EV4 concept models

Kia America introduced the all-electric EV3 and EV4 concept models at the 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show. Like other Kia design studies, the Concept EV3 and Concept EV4 offer visions of potential future products.

Earlier this year, at the launch of the EV9 flagship electric SUV in March, Kia introduced 10 must-have items that it would like to use in new Kia models—including the Concept EV3 and Concept EV4. The materials include bioplastic, produced from biomass sources such as vegetable oils, corn extract, sawdust and sugarcane, and Bio Polyurethane as a replacement for animal-based leather.

The Concept EV3 represents the brand’s vision for an electric, compact crossover that offers the technology, practicality, and design of Kia’s flagship SUV, the EV9.


The design treatment of the Concept EV3’s exterior creates a unique silhouette, with the windshield pushed forward, a sloping roofline, and a disconnected C pillar that links the glasshouse surfaces and gives the roof a floating effect.

Inside, advanced ergonomic seat design comprises natural fiber structures to deliver a lightweight, slimmer seat design. The exceptionally strong, fiber weave enables more elegant, modern aesthetics, complemented by soothing natural tones. For the seat covers, the CMF team applied 3D Knit technology. These materials combine with tables that slide forward and backward and can support four modes: Focus, Social, Refreshing and Storage. The console table contains bio-plastic materials leveraged to create a forward-thinking solution.

The Concept EV4’s exterior form factor incorporates attributes reminiscent of sports and racing cars, including a low nose, a long-tail silhouette, and a technical roof spoiler. Featuring a wide, imposing stance, with headlamps located vertically at the extreme outer edges of the hood and front bumper, the Concept EV4 further symbolizes Kia’s determination to push design boundaries.


The cocoonlike interior of the Concept EV4 features a sleek and spacious horizontal layout. The innovative design of the HVAC user interface incorporates a control panel that can be neatly stored in the center console when not in use and applied pin-style air vents that offer the flexibility to change patterns. Handwoven fabric stripes applied to the vehicle’s storage area and dashboard create a 3D effect. Materiality also looms large in the interior of the Concept EV4 through the implementation of natural dyes and recycled cotton.



The EV4 has an optically appealing design. If the rest bodes as well as its appearance, it will surely find acceptance by potential customers. On the contrary, the EV3 has the appearance of a cheese box on four wheels.


The EV4 Concept is definitely interesting. It certainly has great potential if it follows the EV5 which has an entry level 64 kWh battery. What are the “possibilities”?
First, it needs an LFP battery and cost for the entry level around $30K.
Hyundai looks like it already has plans in effect maybe around 2025. Hyundai will make the LFP battery probably using LG cells and made in the USA.
Here is my research:
Battery Plant:
Battery Cell:


EV3 looks great. Rugged purposeful. EV4 not so much.

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