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Wright Electric, Axter complete maiden flight of 800 kW hybrid crop duster; Wright EPU achieves 1.2 MW

Wright Electric and Axter Aerospace announced the successful completion of the maiden flights of their hybrid-electric crop duster aircraft, featuring 800 kW of combined shaft horsepower. Wright also announced that its electric propulsion unit (EPU) has achieved 1.2 MW of peak shaft horsepower and 1.1 MW continuous power output.


The hybrid-electric crop duster aircraft is the result of a collaborative effort between Wright Electric and its Spanish partner, Axter Aerospace. Key highlights of the hybrid-electric crop duster aircraft:

  • The aircraft features an electric propulsion system with 800 kW of combined shaft horsepower between the turbine engine and electric motor, offering unprecedented performance in the crop dusting industry.

  • By leveraging electric propulsion, this aircraft significantly reduces emissions, ensuring a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional crop dusters.

  • The test aircraft will be used to evaluate and refine critical sub-components such as inverters, motors, and batteries, advancing the technology and reliability of electric aviation systems.

Key highlights of the electric propulsion unit:

  • 2 MW Electric Propulsion Unit: Designed to decarbonize the regional jet and large turboprop sectors.

  • 10 kW/kg Power Density: Industry leading compact size and light weight.

  • Tested to 1.2 MW: Building on Wright’s announcement of achieving 1 MW at the Paris Air Show in June, now Wright has achieved 1.2 MW peak output and 1.1 MW continuous output.


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