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Neste partners with Hightowers Petroleum to provide renewable diesel to customers in the US Midwest

Neste and Hightowers Petroleum, a leading wholesale fuel supplier serving customers in the Midwest region in the US, have formed a strategic partnership to offer Neste MY Renewable Diesel.

This partnership enables Hightowers to supply Neste MY Renewable Diesel to customers across the Midwest region, where the company sees strong demand for lower-emission fuels, especially from the automobile industry. Many car manufacturers have committed to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from “first fills” – i.e. resulting from the use of the fuel to fill new vehicles when leaving the production line to ensure they meet technical, storage and environmental requirements between the assembly lines and the delivery to customers.

With the use of Neste MY Renewable Diesel, GHG emissions can be effectively reduced by up to 75% compared with fossil diesel over its life cycle, and as a drop-in solution, it is compatible with all diesel engines, making it an ideal choice for first fill and testing.

In addition to reducing GHG emissions, renewable diesel brings other benefits and delivers strong performance. Because it does not contain sulfur, oxygen or aromatic compounds, it combusts cleaner. As a result, vehicles that run on Neste MY Renewable Diesel may require less maintenance. Additionally, Neste MY Renewable Diesel has outstanding cold weather performance, suitable for cold weather conditions as low as -4°F (-20° C). Its high cetane number also gives better start-up and throttle response, which can be particularly useful to businesses with a lot of variety in usage during different seasons.

Over the past decade, Neste has partnered with fuel distributors to create America’s leading renewable diesel distribution and marketing network. Neste was one of the first companies to supply renewable diesel into California and Oregon, and today is rapidly expanding its production, fueling station network, and distribution capabilities to meet the growing demand across the US. Neste is also currently the only global provider of renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel, and renewable feedstock for polymers and chemicals with a production footprint on three continents.


Kathy Barrera

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