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BMW Group BEV deliveries increased to 15.1% share in Q3

The BMW Group posted a solid increase in sales in Q3 to 621,699 premium automobiles and 1,836,563 units over the nine-month-period (Q3 2022: 587,744 units/+5.8%; 2022: 1,747,838 units/+5.1%).

The biggest increase was in deliveries of battery-electric models. Between July and September, the BMW Group sold a total of 93,931 fully-electric vehicles (2022: 52,305 vehicles/+79.6%), representing a 15.1% share of vehicles sold.

In the year to the end of September, BEV deliveries almost doubled, climbing 92.6% to 246,867 units (2022: 128,195 units). This sales growth derived largely from the BMW brand, with BEV deliveries up 119.3% in the first nine months.

The company is pushing forward with electrification of its product range: With the launch of the new BMW i5 (earlier post) and the upcoming Rolls-Royce Spectre, all three premium brands will have at least one fully-electric variant across the relevant segments. By 2024, one in five of the company’s new vehicles will be a BEV; by 2025, one in four.

Group research and development spending for the year to the end of September totalled €5,223 million (2022: €4,894 million/+6.7%)—which represents a solid increase from last year. In addition to development expenses for new models such as the new BMW 5 Series and those of the NEUE KLASSE, R&D spending was primarily focused on further electrification and digitalization of the vehicle fleet and automated driving.


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