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Adamas Intelligence: CATL dominating Q3 Li-ion cell market with pack size and total deployment

Among the top 10 Li-ion battery cell suppliers globally, CATL is dominating in Q3 2023 with a sales-weighted average pack size (in kWh) nearly 50% larger than the group average and total deployment onto roads (in GWh) more than triple the group average, according to Adamas Intelligence.

LG Energy Solution and BYD also deployed significantly more battery capacity onto roads than average in the third quarter although both supplied cells into industry average pack sizes.


Panasonic’s deployment was roughly average in Q3, but its average pack size was just 13.1 kWh—a reflection of the many Toyota HEVs into which its cells go.

According to Adamas, as the global supplier of choice, CATL’s BEV-centric sales book puts it in the market’s sweet spot where big packs and big business volume translate to big economies of scale.


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