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GreenGo Energy has filed an application to Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Mines in Mauritania for the development of one of the world’s largest green energy parks: Megaton Moon. Megaton Moon is planned for a staged implementation process to reach 60GW/190TWh of hybrid solar and wind generation and 35GW electrolysis producing 4 million tons of green hydrogen yearly or further processed 18 million tons of green ammonia.


Megaton Moon architecture will be visible from space and honor the Mauritanian flag.

The Islamic Republic of Mauritania is a largely desert country in Northwest Africa bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Western Sahara to the north and northwest, Algeria to the northeast, Mali to the east and southeast, and Senegal to the southwest.


The flag of Mauritania is a green field containing a gold star and crescent, with two red stripes at the top and bottom of the field.


Satellite image of northwestern Africa showing the extent of the Sahara. To the north are the dark brown Atlas Mountains of Morocco, to the west is the Atlantic Ocean, and to the south is the semi-arid (light brown) Sahelian region. The largely desert composition of Mauritania restricts human settlement. Population centers are mostly confined to the Atlantic coast or along the Senegal River in the southwest. Photo courtesy of NASA.

The staged implementation targets COD of first pilot stage by 2028 and last stage by 2033-2035.

Megaton Moon embodies climate action with an ambition to deliver 1% of the total global green hydrogen demand by 2050 to reach NetZero. So we only need one hundred projects at this scale completed and distributing green fuels globally by 2050. This is doable.

Mauritania holds some of the best solar and wind resource cross in the world, large areas of suitable flat land and coastal proximity for water and shipping. Green hydrogen production cost is half of Northern Europe, potentially lower. Furthermore, the region has some of the most operator-friendly fiscal policies on the continent, as documented by a history of significant oil and gas investments by world energy majors. Proximity to load centers in EU is an additional benefit.

—Karsten Nielsen, CEO of GreenGo Energy

The project will utilize the 10TWh+ surplus power to facilitate development of a large scale, local desert farming industry, establish a new green industry including local supply chain attracted by the new paradigm of abundant low-cost green energy and water.

More than 70 million tons of desalinated water will be generated yearly to facilitate this development—triple of what is consumed in the Megaton facility itself for green fuel production. The combination holds the potential to catapult Nouakchott and Mauritania into a prosperous development cycle, the company says.

Furthermore, the project intends to spark urban development through partners also driven by the new paradigm of abundant low-cost energy and water resources.

The vision is to transform the capital Nouakchott and the country by sparking significant socioeconomic, green industrial and urban development. Furthermore, to implement a permanent and 100% sustainable solution for the crucial water, power and energy scarcity that has historically been a constant for Nouakchott and Mauritania in general.

Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) considers Mauritania to be one of the least developed countries in the world. On the current United Nations Human Development Index (HDI), Mauritania is ranked 158th out of 191 countries.

Project development is in progress fully leveraging the development platform at GreenGo Energy in Denmark, benefitting from experience gathered from the further progressed Megaton sister-project in Denmark. Project engineering and development partners are COWI on PtX and infrastructure design, and New Power Partners supports renewable energy engineering design as an extended arm to GreenGo Energy’s global development, design and engineering team.

The project will be financed through GreenGo Energy’s entrenched partnership approach with Tier 1 investors in the green energy space, where GreenGo Energy will deliver the project through its 360-degree full services platform.


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