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Infinium and Breakthrough Energy Catalyst announced a $75-million project equity investment commitment to support Infinium’s Project Roadrunner, subject to the satisfaction of certain closing conditions. Project Roadrunner will convert waste CO2 and renewable power into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and other low-carbon fuels.

This first-of-a-kind commercial-scale Power-to-Liquids (PtL) eFuels facility is expected to be the largest PtL eFuels project in North America once operational. Breakthrough Energy Catalyst funds and invests in first-of-a-kind projects that support the deployment of emerging climate technologies to reduce emissions and accelerate the clean energy transition. This commitment represents Catalyst’s first equity investment to date.

Infinum’s process combines electrolysis for the production of green hydrogen; syngas production using the green hydrogen and anthropogenic CO2and a proprietary catalyst; and a proprietary liquid fuel production process and catalyst to produce liquid transportation fuels.


Infinium deploys a “chain limiting catalyst” in this last process step that produces liquid fuels directly, unlike traditional Fischer-Tropsch processes that produce mostly wax. Unique to the industry, Infinium’s patented catalyst and process eliminate the need for wax refining or co-processing at a refinery. Infinium’s liquid fuel production process has been commercially operated, providing an intensified solution for ultra-low carbon fuel production.

Project Roadrunner, located in West Texas, will convert an existing brownfield gas-to-liquids project into a fully integrated eFuels facility that will deliver products into both US and international markets. It will primarily produce Infinium eSAF, a sustainable aviation fuel with the potential to reduce lifecycle GHG emissions in aviation by around 90%—more than than the emissions reductions achieved using SAF on the market today.

Project Roadrunner will also produce Infinium eNaphtha for use in plastics manufacturing and Infinium eDiesel for use in hard-to-electrify transportation methods, such as long-haul trucking and maritime applications.

In tandem with Catalyst’s investment in Infinium, American Airlines and Infinium have entered into an innovative, firm offtake agreement for Infinium eSAF. This agreement is a critical enabler of further investment in Project Roadrunner.

American joined Breakthrough Energy Catalyst as an anchor partner to accelerate the development of next-generation clean energy technologies, including SAF. The Catalyst team worked to develop the agreement alongside the American and Infinium teams. The agreement provides one model for how airlines can use offtake agreements to help promising new SAF technologies attract investment dollars.

In further support of this offtake agreement, Citi and American Airlines have separately agreed to transfer the associated emission reductions to Citi to support the scaling of this innovative technology and help reduce a portion of Citi’s Scope 3 emissions from employee travel. Citi is also a partner of Breakthrough Energy Catalyst.

Infinium has numerous eFuels projects in development across the US, Europe, Middle East, Japan and Australia.



This is a better way to fight climate change than batteries and fuelcells. Im interrested to buy but they will produce only saf and ediesel and im waiting for carbon-neutral egasoline for my hyundai accent 2014.

I hope cemvita will produce cheaper gasoline with their microbe hydrogen. Maybe these 2 company can merge to invade the market everywhere.


New get the carbon monoxide from biomass the plants remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere much more cost effectively than direct capture

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