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P1 Fuels and Carbon Recycling International (CRI) partner on e-fuel production for ICE vehicles

Germany-based P1 Performance Fuels, a developer of fossil-free synthetic fuel, is collaborating with Carbon Recycling International (CRI) to drive e-fuel production for internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

P1 Fuels has signed a contract with CRI, a global leader in clean methanol technology, for delivery of an e-methanol production unit. The collaboration focuses on integrating CRI’s Emissions-to-Liquids (ETL) technology with P1’s proprietary methanol-to-gasoline technology to produce low cost e-fuels that can be used in cars without engine modification.

The strategic partnership aims to accelerate the shift towards replacing fossil fuels for ICE vehicles, contributing to global climate goals. The announcement was made in the backdrop of the COP28 Climate Action Zone.

Leveraging both technologies will enable the production of synthetic gasoline from methanol, derived solely from CO2 and Hydrogen (H2). P1’s demonstrator plant leveraging this technology will go live in 2024 and serve as a blueprint for industrial sized plants.

In addition to supplying the equipment, CRI will collaborate closely with P1 Fuels to ensure seamless integration, provide operational support during the start-up phase, and train P1’s team for optimal plant performance.

Both companies envision e-fuels as a scalable and sustainable solution for all modes of transportation, requiring no modifications to existing infrastructure or vehicle engines, and providing cost-effective liter prices for the mass market.



Im interrested to buy cheap e fuel without taxes.


If this tech privides scalable cost effective e fuels then it will be huge break thru for countries like India and rest of the world.


Exxon developed methanol to gasoline technology in the 1970s they hold the patents on their process the P1 people obviously have a different method of conversion.

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