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Citroën’s new ë-Berlingo features new 50 kWh LFP battery pack

Citroën is renewing its iconic Berlingo model; the van retains its ability to carry up to 7 people. In Europe, only the electric version of Berlingo (ë-Berlingo) is available.


Outside Europe (or specific markets), the new Berlingo adapts to the diversity of its customer base by offering, in addition to the 100% electric drive, three BlueHDi 90, 100 and 130 bhp diesel engines and two PureTech 110 and 130 bhp gasoline engines.

The New ë-Berlingo benefits from extended range. With its 100 kW (136 bhp) motor, combined with a new 50 kWh LFP battery (useful capacity), the new ë-Berlingo now offers a range of up to 320 km (WLTP combined cycle - undergoing approval).

This figure is 20% up on the previous model, and is the result of major efforts to improve efficiency, making ë-Berlingo a benchmark in its segment. This range is perfectly suited to the average daily mileage covered by this type of customers.

This range can be further optimized using the new regenerative braking system, which the driver can set to one of three levels using new paddles located behind the steering wheel. In addition, three driving modes are still available: Eco for maximum range, Power for maximum performance and Normal. Finally, an innovative heat pump available as an option heats the cabin without using battery power, thereby preserving range.

ë-Berlingo is equipped with a 7.4 kW on-board charger and can be fitted with an optional 11 kW three-phase charger for easy recharging. On a 7.4 kW wallbox it can be fully recharged in 7.5 hours, while on an 11 kW wallbox it can be fully recharged in 5 hours.

ë-Berlingo also has the best rapid recharge time in its segment: 30 minutes to recharge the battery from 0 to 80% at a 100 kW public charging point. As a result, it benefits from a battery whose size, mass and cost are contained for greater efficiency on short journeys throughout the year, and its 100 kW charging capacity means it can tackle journeys without stress.

This is further reinforced by the use of the e-ROUTES application, available on ë-Berlingo, which acts as a genuine assistant to help you organize the journey and adapt in real time to traffic conditions, the use of charging points along the route or changes in the car’s charge level.



It isn't beautiful, but it will do the job and be affordable.
You'll probably get 160 miles from a charge, unless you slow up.


50 kWh LFP battery (useful capacity...
Lfp batteries can be run down to zero you wouldn't want it but you can't.


Ironically, running any modern battery to 0% is safer than running a fuel tank dry. Do that and your fuel pump will fail shortly from running hot and ingesting sediment.

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