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Westport Fuel Systems announced the successful completion of a heavy transport demonstration with KAJ Inrikes and others, of WFS’ H2 HPDI fuel system-equipped prototype truck hauling a trailer filled with IKEA home-furnishing products in Älmhult, Sweden.

This is the second validation of the H2 HPDI system (earlier post) in a heavy haul application with a major fleet in the last 60 days.


During the event, the complete hydrogen ecosystem was represented, including green hydrogen production; hydrogen filling stations; Westport’s HPDI technology; vehicle manufacturers; fleet operators; and the end user, IKEA, as a buyer of sustainable transportation services.

The collaboration between Westport and transportation and energy partners includes:

  • KAJ Inrikes, fleet operator, a “green-focused” haulage company, performing transport for IKEA and other key customers in the Älmhult and Jönköping area.

  • Smålandslogistik, large fleet owner, a long haulage and distribution company, that has identified the environment and decarbonization as important areas where they can contribute meaningful impact through their daily business.

  • Metacon AB, hydrogen fuel provider, a Sweden-based supplier of energy technology, including electolyzers and reformers for refining biogas into fossil-free hydrogen.

  • Hydri AB, hydrogen infrastructure company, building and operating a complete network of green hydrogen refueling stations in Sweden.

Westport’s H2 HPDI fuel system for internal combustion engines results in a robust and affordable solution with higher power and torque than the same engine running on diesel fuel.

The European Commission has recommended a definition of a Zero Emission Vehicle as part of the upcoming HD CO2 regulation; Westport expects H2 HPDI-powered vehicles to meet this ZEV definition for a range of heavy-duty commercial vehicles. In this collaborative effort, the Westport HPDI fuel system-equipped truck operating on hydrogen pulled a trailer filled with approximately 40 tons of IKEA home-furnishing products, demonstrating the high performance of the IC hydrogen engine.


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