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Virginia-based REVO ZERO, a start-up hydrogen infrastructure and solutions provider, announced that its vehicle ENERGY is now available for pre-order (price not specified) with a $500 refundable deposit. ENERGY packages an EV battery pack with a Nuvera hydrogen fuel cell range extender in an SUV design.


The 3-row SUV has a capacity of up to 6 people and maintains a configurable large cargo space. ENERGY can be recharged at home affordably, like any other electric car, while remaining an optimal solution for long trips thanks to its hydrogen fuel cell. The hydrogen fuel cell acts as an onboard on-demand charger, supporting a range of around 700 miles.

REVO ZERO calls its battery/fuel cell platform the plug-in Fuel Cell Technology module.


ENERGY is currently in development and will be launched once all safety testing is completed.

REVO ZERO also has plans for a sports hardtop (ELECTRON) and a crossover (RIDE), all powered with the pFC technology. The company is also considering aviation solutions.



Can anyone find data on battery size or FC output? or is this still 100% vaporware?


This seems to be just a collection of poor quality renders...


Nuvera has been making fuel cells for decades they make smaller ones for forklifts after they were bought by Yale corporation they've made larger ones than 5K just depends what the spec is on this one.


Nothing that REVO ZERO has depicted in their rendered images is technically difficult except developing a H2 Infrastructure for the US which currently are located only in California and Hawaii (Chief Technical Officer, Chris McWhinney has been trying to develop this idea since 2008 with Millennium Reign Energy LLC Hydrogen Power Plants).
The Nuvera fuel cell is probably the E-45-D Fuel Cell which has a net power of 45 kW. This FC engine works well in the Hyster® top-pick container handler.
Battery size could be similar to the Toyota RAV4 PHEV around 18.1 kWh.

This concept is not exactly “NEW”. Stellantis, Honda, Magna have developed actual Range Extended Fuel Cell Vehicles, for example: the Peugeot E-EXPERT Hydrogen Van.

Steve Reynolds

"...probably the E-45-D Fuel Cell which has a net power of 45 kW"
Would not a much smaller and cheaper FC work here?
If it is just doing range extension, maybe 15 to 20 kW would be enough.


If they make more progress on high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells then reform low sulfur diesel with a small battery pack and a 20 kilowatt stack we would have a useful product.


If you read:
it discusses Range Extender FC vs Stellantis Mid Range FC (which really exists).
The real problem is having enough H2 stations to make this concept work.
REVO ZERO CTO Chris McWhinney has been trying to build an H2 Infrastructure for 20 years with little success.
The only place in the US where there are H2 stations is California and they can’t give them away. Read this article:
“Shell scraps plan to build 48 new hydrogen filling stations in California, for which it had been awarded $40.6m grant”,

Instead of trying to spend $billions on H2 stations, build refineries that use the “Green” or “Blue” H2 and make Renewable fuels. Of course, this will not replace all of the current use of gasoline and diesel. However, already in California Renewable Diesel is almost the same cost of regular diesel.
If you have transportation requirements where an EV will not work, then Stellantis has a good idea with the Ramcharger truck which is an EV truck with a Range Extender.


They are making progress on sustainable aviation feels if they can make e fuels for aviation they can make e fuel for diesel you take that e-fuel you reform it make hydrogen run fuel cells not so difficult.



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