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LR, Zodiac, HD KSOE and KEPCO E&C partner on R&D of nuclear-propelled ships

Lloyd’s Register (LR) is partnering with Zodiac Maritime, HD KSOE and KEPCO E&C in a joint development project for the research and development of nuclear-propelled ship designs, including bulk carriers and containerships, with the parties signing a MOU at Korea’s HD Hyundai Global R&D Center.

The move comes as the shipping industry looks more closely at nuclear as a future marine fuel in the context of the energy transition and decarbonization targets.

Under the JDP, HD KSOE and KEPCO E&C will provide designs for future vessels and its reactors while LR will assess rule requirements for safe operation and regulatory compliance models.

The JDP partners will work to address the challenges involved with nuclear propulsion, such as applying existing terrestrial nuclear technology to ships, and the project will enable Zodiac to evaluate ship specifications and voyage considerations around nuclear technology.

As leading companies in the shipbuilding and nuclear industry, HD KSOE and KEPCO E&C, are collaborating on the design of a Nuclear propulsion ship. A Nuclear propulsion ship emits no carbon, and its paramount goal is to be designed with a life cycle cost (LCA) of less than half that of carbon neutral ships.

—Joint statement from the partners

Lloyd’s Register believes there is huge opportunity for nuclear technology to support the maritime energy transition and provide long-term low- or zero-carbon fuel supply security. We have been assessing nuclear’s potential over many decades and we are delighted to partner with Zodiac, HD KSOE and KEPCO on this R&D project for nuclear-propelled ships.

—Sung-Gu Park, President North East Asia


Earlier this month, China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) unveiled plans at the 2023 Marinetec China Exhibition in Shanghai for a 24,000-TEU-class container ship that will utilize a fourth-generation Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) to generate electricity.



Nuclear powered ships outside of the military are bad idea
terrorists could easily use the fuel rods to make dirty bombs,
really a bad idea.


I think that it is a great idea if it is done right. All of the the US Navy aircraft carriers and submarines are nuclear powered and have operated for years without any reactor incidents. Much cleaner than any of the ideas such as ammonia, methanol, hydrogen, etc.

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