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NIO unveiled the Power Charger 4.0 and PowerSwap Station 4.0 (PSS4.0); deployment starts in April 2024. NIO plans to add 1,000 more Power Swap Stations and 20,000 chargers to its network in 2024. The rollout of the upgraded power network in 2024 will further improve users’ experience, the company said.


Power Charger 4.0 and PowerSwap Station 4.0

NIO Power Charger 4.0 features a maximum current of 765A, a maximum voltage of 1,000V, peak power of 640kW and the industry’s lightest liquid-cooled charging cable of 2.4kg, which is easy to handle by one hand. Every 640kW charger is an ultra-fast charger. The charging power can be automatically allocated within the station.

PSS 4.0 is compatible with multiple brands and reduces the overall swapping time by 22%. Equipped with rooftop photovoltaic systems, PSS 4.0 saves nearly 18,000 kWh of electricity annually.

NIO will have more than 2,300 PowerSwap Stations installed in total by the end of 2023, by targeting to build 1,000 Power Swap Stations in China this year. The company installed tis 1,000th at the Sha’anxi Nature Museum on 22 December.


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