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Starting in fiscal 2024, NYK will conduct full-scale trials of long-term use of biofuels, which are considered to have net-zero CO2 emissions, in its existing heavy oil-fired vessels.

Moving forward from the previous short-term trials, NYK will comprehensively verify the safety and stable procurement of biofuels when used over a long period. Through this trial, NYK intends to establish a safe navigation system using biofuels and promote biofuel development to achieve the Group’s goal of a 45% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by fiscal 2030 compared to fiscal 2021.


Frontier Jacaranda, a bulk carrier that conducted a short trial of biofuels in 2021.

In this trial, NYK will use biofuel continuously for three months on multiple vessel types. After that, NYK will gradually extend biofuel use for a longer period for further validation.

Since fiscal 2019, the NYK Group has conducted short-term biofuel trials on about 10 vessels. While NYK has confirmed the safety of short-term biofuel use, NYK has not verified the impact of biofuels on the ship’s main engine, generator, motor, fuel supply system, etc., and the quality of biofuels after a certain storage period. NYK also needed to ensure the stability of biofuel procurement when used in more vessels.

NYK is targeting reducing the NYK Group’s GHG emissions by 45% from the fiscal 2021 level by fiscal 2030. NYK will promote this trial to achieve the goal.



CO2 is released to the atmosphere when they're drying natural gas and when they're making ammonia there's no reason you can't capture that CO2 use solar wind generated hydrogen and make synthetic fuels fior ships, planes, cars, trucks everything.


Im eager to buy my first fill-up of synthetic gasoline in early 2024 and i use batteries just for my mobile phone and tv remote. It's the best way to not pollute and promote the economy.

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