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Yamaha Motor has established ENYRING GmbH as a new company that will offer swappable batteries for compact urban electric vehicles via subscription-based services. By offering such services and by reusing and recycling batteries together with European circularity leaders, ENYRING will be able to create a closed loop in which recycled materials are used as resources toward creating new products.

This new initiative will work towards creating a sustainable, recycling-oriented society that reduces not only the economic and time burden on customers but also the impact on the environment, Yamaha says. ENYRING, officially established this month, will be based in Berlin, Germany and the start of operations is scheduled for the first half of 2025.

ENYRING envisions collaborations between Yamaha Motor and strategic partner companies, and there are plans upon launching operations to expand the business in Germany—starting with Berlin—and in the Netherlands.

With the target of compact urban electric vehicles in the low-speed range (mainly eBikes), ENYRING’s services will rent out batteries available on a subscription basis. These batteries can be easily swapped out at any of the swappable battery stations installed throughout a city at any time, eliminating the hassle of recharging as well as the cost of purchasing a new battery once one reaches the end of its lifecycle.


Furthermore, used batteries that are no longer suitable for mobility use are reused as storage batteries, disassembled into cells, recycled, and reused as new batteries.


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