Tesla Q4 deliveries reach 484,507 units, 95% Model 3/Y
Convion and Elcogen report successful field test of industrial scale Solid Oxide Electrolyzer in e-fuel project

BYD sold 3 million new energy vehicles in 2023; BEV sales up 73.3% YoY

BYD reported sales of 3,024,417 new energy vehicles (NEVs, battery-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles) in 2023, a YoY growth of 61.8%. Of the total, 3,033,662 were passenger vehicles (99.6%).

Of the passenger vehicles, 1,589,571 were battery-electric (52.4%)—representing a 73.32% growth year on year. Sales of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles were 1,444,091 (48%), representing 51.4% growth year-on-year.

For 2023, Tesla remains the global top-seller of battery-electric vehicles, with 1,808,581 vehicles delivered. (Earlier post.)

The installed capacity of NEV power battery and energy storage battery of BYD for the month of December 2023 was approximately 17.746 GWh. The cumulative installed capacity for the year 2023 was approximately 150.909 GWh.


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