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Ballard Power Systems signed a new Long-Term Supply Agreement (LTSA) with NFI Group Inc., a leading independent bus and coach manufacturer and a leader in electric mass mobility solutions in North America and Europe. The agreement marks a new phase in the established partnership between Ballard and NFI, focused on deployment-level volumes of fuel cell powered buses across all of NFI’s major brands including New Flyer, Alexander Dennis, and MCI.

As part of the LTSA, NFI has placed its first purchase order under the agreement for a minimum of 100 FCmove-HD+ modules for planned delivery in 2024. Ballard’s FCmove-HD+ is the next-generation medium heavy duty fuel cell power module for use in zero-emission motive applications.

With better fuel economy and fewer maintenance requirements, total cost of ownership is 40% lower than previous product generations, according to Ballard.

The complete package, with all subsystems fully integrated, has interfaces located on one panel to provide easier access for connections as well as maintenance.


Engine bay and rooftop version of the FCmove-HD+ system.

The modules will primarily be produced in Ballard’s Bend, Oregon facility with Buy America compliance, and will power New Flyer’s next generation Xcelsior CHARGE FC hydrogen fuel cell buses for deployment across the US and Canada, including California, Manitoba, Nevada, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.


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