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BMW battery-electric vehicles sales represented 12.5% of total in 2023

GM EV deliveries in US up in Q4 to 19,469; Bolt leads with 64.5%, but down 22% YoY

GM delivered a total of 19,469 EVs in the US in Q4, up 19.7% YoY, including Bolt EV/EUV: 12,551; Lyriq: 3,820; Hummer EV: 2,028; Blazer EV: 463; Silverado EV: 443 and 164 Brightdrop vehicles. For 2023, GM increased total EV sales to 75,883 units (up 93%) from 2022.

The Bolt EV/EUV led by volume in Q4 and for the year; however, Bolt sales were down 22% in Q4 compared to Q4 2022—12,551 units versus 16,108 in Q4 2022. The gap was plugged by strong results from the LYRIQ and the HUMMER EV.

Overall, GM delivered 2.6 million vehicles in the US in 2023, up 14% year-over-year. GM led the industry in total sales and was the top selling manufacturer of trucks, full-size pickups, full-size SUVs, affordable SUVs and fleet vehicles.

EV sales represented 3.1% of total GM vehicle sales in Q4, and 2.9% for all of 2023.

New EVs launching in 2024 include the Chevrolet Equinox EV, Cadillac Escalade IQ, Cadillac CELESTIQ, and the Cadillac OPTIQ.



19469 evs sold in 3 months after yrs is very poor show GM and its imminent that GM and Ford cant produce quality small evs and are being outclassed by new ev players. I think their long term capability is in question and they will be dwarfed soon.


Chevy will have the Equinox EV soon at $30,000 should be popular.


The automobile manufacturer that I would be concerned about is Toyota. They are the major manufacturer that seems to be the furthest behind in EVs. BYD, Vinfast, BMW, Ford, GM, etc are going to eat their lunch.

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