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Valeo to present Ineez Air Charging, its solution for wireless charging of EVs, at CES

At CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Valeo will present for the first time Valeo IneezAir Charging, its solution for wireless charging of electric vehicles. Valeo Ineez Air Charging reinforces Valeo’s position in the charging station market with an efficient and lightweight solution to recharge the vehicle inductively, without any charge cable.

Valeo says that Ineez Air Charging is the only wireless solution that uses an ultra low operating frequency, around 3kHz, offering a unique, lighter (50% of other systems’ weight) and simpler charging experience. It relies on simplified hardware to make it affordable, while keeping high efficiency above 90% from grid to battery.

It has been designed to ensure worldwide compatibility with every wall box, every country’s grid (1- or 3-phase networks) and with all cars (400-800V batteries).

Valeo’s solution offers Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) functionality for any targeted power solution (7-22kW) and can be applied in all charging locations, either public (street, parking, shopping mall…) or private (home, work…).

Valeo Ineez can be plugged directly into an existing wall box or linked directly to the grid providing all necessary securities and communications with the vehicle and user. Valeo Ineez Air Charging is also prepared for a future where autonomous cars come to recharge by themselves onto an inductive charging area.

Valeo Ineez Air Charging is already covered by more than 25 design patents from hardware to software and mechatronics.


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