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Siemens AG will supplement its fleet with up to 1,000 leased Volkswagen ID.4 electric vehicles. These all-electric vehicles are part of the electrification and sustainability strategy pursued by Siemens, one of the largest and longest established industrial companies in Germany.

Siemens aims to make its entire fleet CO2-neutral and fully electric by 2030.

The electrification of our fleet is a clear commitment to achieving our climate goals. But we also want to be a pioneer in our industry and send a clear signal for sustainable fleet management in line with our DEGREE framework. We chose the Volkswagen ID.4 because, in our opinion, the vehicle offers a good combination of range, charging speed, trunk volume, and price.

—Stefan Kurz, Head of Global Fleet Management at Siemens

The ID.4 is the first all-electric compact SUV from the Volkswagen brand. It is produced and offered for sale in China, the US, and Europe.

The modular electric drive matrix (MEB) forms the technical backbone of Volkswagen’s electric offensive. In the case of the ID.4, the design of the MEB platform allows for a spacious interior. At the same time, the car offers strong driving performance and maximum ranges of up to 512 kilometers or 531 kilometers (the two versions in the WLTP cycle). Its quick-charging capability with up to 135 kW helps it cope with long distances.


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