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Hesai introducing high-performance AT512 long-range lidar and ultra-thin ET25 behind-the-windshield lidar

Hesai Technology is introducing the new flagship AT512 high-performance long-range automotive lidar. The AT512 is Hesai’s top-of-the-line product offering 300 meters of range at 10% reflectivity with a maximum range of 400 meters and an industry best 12,300,000 points per second point-rate resulting in a 2400 x 512 resolution—the highest resolution available on the market.

The AT512 features a small form factor measuring only 160mm x 100mm x 45mm with a 120-degree horizontal field of view and a 25.6-degree vertical field of view. With an overall angular resolution of 0.05° x 0.05°, AT512 accurately captures the real 3D world, capable of detecting distant small objects even at 400 meters.

It greatly enhances the vehicle’s perception capability to detect targets at least twice the distance in advance, granting more than 40% of additional reaction time for the intelligent driving system to make the safest decisions. The AT512 is suited to be integrated as part of an ADAS within high end luxury vehicles from consumers who demand the very best safety technologies.

Hesai also revealed the new ultra-thin ET25 lidar designed to be integrated behind the windshield. This makes it much easier to integrate, helps maintain vehicle aerodynamics and keeps the lidar clear of dirt and debris. The ET25 provides 250 meters of range at 10% reflectivity and received a 2024 CES Innovation Award for best new product.

Hesai also has completed construction on a new 740,000 square foot research and development (R&D) and manufacturing center named “Maxwell” after Scottish physicist James Maxwell’s famous equations which form the foundation of classical electromagnetism, classical optics, electric and magnetic circuits.

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