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Pebble using NVIDIA DRIVE Orin system-on-a-chip for its electric travel trailer

Pebble, a California-based startup, has selected the NVIDIA DRIVE Orin system-on-a-chip to power its flagship product, the Pebble Flow electric travel trailer, with production starting before the end of 2024.

Pebble’s mission is to bring ease and accessibility to the RV industry by integrating technology that will automate the hardest parts of RVing, reimagining the user experience from the ground up. The Pebble Flow will leverage the power of NVIDIA DRIVE Orin to power these technology integrations and semi-autonomous capabilities, most notably, the Magic Hitch feature, which enables automatic hitching of the travel trailer to the towing vehicle.


NVIDIA DRIVE Orin will power a full robotic stack, including perception, planning and control, to make this feature possible. The collaboration represents the first time the RV market will see this level of computing power, the company says.

Integrating NVIDIA’s compute power will allow Pebble to develop more features targeting the pain points RV users have struggled with for decades, including parking, hitching and refueling. It will also enable the Pebble Flow to serve as a connected smart home through over-the-air software updates, which will enhance existing and future features through continued innovation for a “tech-first” RV experience.


NVIDIA DRIVE Orin is the world’s highest-performance, automotive-grade, autonomous-vehicle processor. It is a leading choice among today’s global automakers, truckmakers and mobility providers, and delivers up to 254 trillion operations per second of compute power.

The startup will showcase the Pebble Flow product at CES 2024. The standard Pebble Flow features a 45 kWh LFP battery pack and is available for preorder from $109,000. The Pebble Flow with Magic Pack adds a dual-motor drivetrain and will offer the Remote Control, Magic Hitch, Easy Tow and other features. Pricing with the Magic Pack starts at $125,000.



Great idea


I'd like to see 18 wheel trailers powered with computer control
fewer accidents more efficiency


The problem with all automated vehicles is that every time there is a crash, you have a crash site with possibly dead or mangled people; while every time you save a life, it goes unnoticed.
You might see a graph tending downwards, but that can't compete with dead bodies.


This is not an automated vehicle it's a powered trailer, with a semi you'd still have the driver in the tractor with the trailer having powered wheels, so you have traction control, ABS better mileage and increased safety.

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