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At CES 2024, Bosch reaffirmed its work on components for a hydrogen combustion engine, and said that its H2 engine is due to debut this year.


Bosch engineers had to overcome two challenges when developing a new hydrogen injector for direct injection: first, there is no lubrication, which is provided by the fuel in the diesel engine, and second, the hydrogen can react with materials with which it comes into contact. Picture: Bosch

In May 2023, Bosch announced a strategic relationship with Ligier Automotive for developing high-performance hydrogen engine vehicles. (Earlier post.)

At CES, Bosch said that in addition to electrification, Bosch sees hydrogen as a key to meeting global energy demand in a resource-efficient way. As a storage medium, moreover, hydrogen can facilitate the efficient use of energy generated from renewable sources.

Bosch is investing extensively in technologies along the hydrogen value chain. The main focus is currently on the mobile fuel cell, which recently went into volume production in Stuttgart. This lies at the heart of the powertrain system for heavy vehicles.

Bosch has already received its first orders from truck manufacturers for the fuel cel system in Europe, the US, and China.


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