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Nissan unveils Ariya NISMO flagship performance EV in Japan

Nissan unveiled the Ariya NISMO at Tokyo Auto Salon 2024, with launch planned in Japan for this spring. The crossover SUV is NISMO’s flagship EV model; the Ariya is Nissan’s first all-electric crossover. (Earlier post.)

240112-01_004_Ariya NISMO-source

Performance that’s extremely dynamic yet smooth and easy to control is produced by the motor’s approximately 10% greater peak output combined with special acceleration tuning and an exclusive NISMO driving mode that maximizes response. The sound produced is evocative of Formula E racing.

NISMO’s special tuning for each chassis component combined with e-4ORCE electric-drive four-wheel-control technology and dedicated tires mounted on highly rigid 20-inch aluminum wheels generates superior stability and turn-in ability as well as better line-tracing and enhanced cornering ability at high speeds.

The exterior blends the Ariya’s premium quality with NISMO’s dynamism. Aerodynamic performance is improved thanks to race-derived technologies that reduce drag and provide greater downforce at higher speeds.

Specifications (before homologation; Nissan figures)

Length 4,650 mm 4,650 mm
Width 1,850 mm 1,850 mm
Height 1,655 mm 1,650 mm to 1,660 mm
Wheelbase 2,775 mm 2,775 mm
Weight 2,080 kg 2,210 kg to 2,220 kg
Output 270 kW 320 kW
Torque 560 Nm 600 Nm
Battery capacity 66 kWh 91 kWh
Tire size
(front and rear)


ron ingman

Why bother your efforts on new EV's when you won't support the existing ones? Specifically why not put effort into keeping the 1000 000 Nissan Leafs on the road? By offering replacement battery packs?

You already made them.
You already shipped them.

A restored Leaf has the lowest carbon footprint of ANY EV taking to the road today.



This car pollute more than my cheap small gasoline car. Evs are too big and powerful, they are bought for fun factor more than for minimizing pollution. It can cause a recession in the future.



The real issue here isn't the size of a mid-size crossover. The Ariya is 4.6m long, which is considered mid-size in the US and Canada. You might not need something that big, but it's in the sweet spot for families.
The actual issue is that there aren't many smaller/cheaper EVs on the market, especially in North America. In fact, there aren't many ICE cars in that range left either.
Cars have a finite lifespan. You are right that keeping yours is advantageous, as long as it still meets your needs and provides reasonable running costs. However, just because your car is still running doesn't mean that other cars aren't aging-out of the fleet and need to be replaced. In that case, EVs actually pollute less after about 50,000km.

ron ingman

There are millions of cheaper ones. They are called used.

Why can we not repair?
Why can we not refurbish?

Stay on topic.

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