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AMT Genova orders 112 Solaris 18m trolleybuses

The Italian operator AMT Genova (Azienda Mobilità e Trasporti SpA) has ordered 112 articulated Solaris Trollino 18 trolleybuses—one of the largest single order for articulated trolleybuses to date for the manufacturer. The contract's value exceeds €100 million.


In addition to traditional electric propulsion, the trolleybuses for Genoa will also be equipped with traction batteries, allowing the vehicles to cover a considerable distance without the need to connect to overhead traction system. The energy in the batteries will be topped up both during the operation and at the depot and drawn from the catenary while driving by means of In-Motion-Charging (IMC) technology.

The collaboration between Solaris and the operator AMT Genoa dates back to 2013. Particularly noteworthy was a recent order for 30 electric buses, delivered in 2022. After the completion of the latest contract for 112 articulated Trollino 18 buses, Genoa will become one of the major users of Solaris trolleybuses.


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