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Dangote Petroleum Refinery in Nigeria starts production

Dangote Petroleum Refinery in Nigeria (earlier post) has begun production of diesel and aviation fuel. The refinery can load 2,900 trucks a day at its truck-loading gantries.


Gas flare stack at the refinery.

The products from the refinery will conform to Euro V specifications. The refinery design complies with the World Bank, US EPA, European emission norms, and DPR emission/effluent norms.

The Refinery will meet 100% of the Nigerian requirement of all refined products and also have a surplus of each of these products for export. Dangote Petroleum Refinery is a multi-billion dollar project that will create a market for $21 Billion per annum of Nigerian Crude. It is designed to process Nigerian crude with the ability to also process other crudes.



10000 gallons/truck
2900 trucks/day
365 days/year
10585000000 gallons /y
10.19 kg CO2/gallon diesel
1.07861E+11 kg CO2/y
107861150 MT CO2/y
107.86115 MMT CO2/y
About 1/300th of our excess CO2-eq emissions/y.
So, why are we reading about this on Green Car Congress?


Incidentally, their diesel comes to about $200/MT CO2 emitted. About the same cost as what it would take to capture and sequester the C from it. So double the price of fuel to make it carbon neutral.


Sequestering carbon dioxide from power plants is far more cost effective in slowing global warming

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