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MAN Cryo wins approval for ammonia fuel-supply system

MAN Cryo’s design for an ammonia fuel-supply system to provide ammonia safely to marine-engine applications has been awarded an Approval in Principle from classification societies DNV and Bureau Veritas.

Part of MAN Energy Solutions and a leading expert in the field of storage and handling of LNG and natural gas, MAN Cryo developed the system in cooperation with Chinese company, Yada Green Energy Solutions, with whom the company has previously cooperated to provide equipment for LNG and methanol marine fuels.

MAN Cryo offers systems for the storage, distribution and handling of liquefied gases and has a pioneering reputation within the marine sector. It supplied the world’s first LNG fuel-gas system for the ‘Glutra’ ferry in Norway in 1999, while in 2013 it supplied the world’s first LNG bunker vessel—the ‘SeaGas’—with operations in Stockholm, Sweden. More recently, MAN Cryo delivered the first liquid-hydrogen fuel-gas system to be installed below deck aboard a ship.


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