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Germany-based Ecoclean has recently begun series production of EcoLyzer modular systems for pressurized alkaline electrolysis (AEL). The robust, low-maintenance electrolyzers are available as scalable standalone solutions and turnkey systems with outputs ranging from 1 to 20 MW.


Ecoclean EcoLyzer stack. Photo credit: Ecoclean GmbH

Before beginning series production, Ecoclean initially built a test bench for testing and validating electrolysis stacks with a diameter of up to 1,500 mm and a maximum output of 500 kW, and constructed an electrolysis demonstrator ready for series production.



The technology behind these compact electrolyzers is based on a system for pressurized alkaline electrolysis that has been developed and optimized by the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) over the last ten years. One of the advantages of this technology is that it does not rely on scarce raw materials such as precious metals or rare earths.

Designed as modular units, the electrolyzers can be used to build cost-efficient systems with an output of 1 to 20 MW close to the energy generator (solar, wind, water), which can be expanded at a later date.

The modular principle not only means that the electrolyzers can be manufactured economically, but also ensures comparatively short delivery times of currently twelve months.

The systems deliver high gas quality and a system pressure of up to 30 bars as standard. Because not every application requires a gas pressure of 30 bars or more, Ecoclean is currently in the process of adding atmospheric-pressure alkaline electrolyzers to its product range.

This solution offers cost benefits, particularly when it comes to higher outputs. In addition to the electrolyzer, the company’s portfolio also includes services such as water treatment, gas purification and compression if required.


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