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DG Innovate signs Joint Development Agreement for Pareta drive system

DG Innovate, an advanced research and development company pioneering sustainable and environmentally considerate improvements to electric mobility and energy storage, signed a Joint Development Agreement with a tier-one commercial vehicle components company, jointly to develop systems for heavy goods vehicles applications utilizing DG Innovate’s Pareta drive technology.

Developed alongside the UK Ministry of Defense and Tier 1 manufacturer Meritor, the Pareta drives system, which features numerous patent-pending innovations, comprises a novel motor with integrated high-power inverter and control electronics.



The system’s architecture effectively divides the motor and inverter functionality between multiple segments, each of which can be powered and controlled individually. This design brings multiple advantages:

  • Power density up to 12 kW/kg;

  • High efficiency of up to 98.5% across a wide speed range;

  • Lower energy input for higher torque output;

  • Built-in redundancy and reliability;

  • Reduced EMI;

  • High- or low-voltage operation; and

  • Cost effective at scale.

The Pareta system provides a simpler, lighter and more cost‐effective solution, applicable over a range of applications for both new generation electric and hybrid heavy goods vehicles, as well as those continuing to be powered by internal combustion engines.

By applying DG Innovate’s technology utilized in the Pareta drives, the partners believe they can develop leading performance systems designed to provide redundancy within the system, to be robust, to fit in the existing available spaces, and to respond rapidly with appropriate force.

The agreement, which includes funding to the company, covers the first proof of concept stage, that will see prototypes produced in H1 2024, followed by on vehicle trials in H2 2024.

DGI was awarded grant funding at the beginning of 2023 for a feasibility study into the use of the Pareta e-drive for marine operations alongside a partner providing a hydrogen fuel cell power system.

DG Innovate is currently developing its products alongside a number of major manufacturers across the transportation and energy sectors, research institutions and the UK Government, and has filed numerous patents worldwide. DG Innovate’s current research and development activities are broadly split into two areas, focusing on novel electric motor technologies and energy storage solutions. Its two main products are:

  • Enhanced Drive Technology (EDT) ‐ High efficiency, cost‐effective electric motors + power electronics; and

  • Enhanced Battery Technology (EBT) ‐ Sodium‐ion batteries offering a sustainable energy storage solution at similar/greater energy density to incumbent technologies at a lower cost, increased safety with lower environmental footprint.



McLaren uses an axial motor in their latest hybrid car, it has 90 horsepower 160 ft lb of torque and only weighs only 40 lb s. They use it in the bell housing of the transmission with a DCT. Get a three to one planetary drive and you can put one on each wheel all-wheel drive 360 horsepower, not much weight.

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