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Geespace, the satellite technology and commercial services company invested by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, completed its second successful satellite launch from China’s Xichang Satellite Launch Center, sending eleven satellites into low earth orbit as the second orbital plane of Geely Future Mobility Constellation satellite network. (Earlier post.) This successful launch marks a significant step in the company’s ambitious project to develop the Constellation.

Geely Future Mobility Constellation integrates communication, navigation, and remote sensing within a single satellite network. The first orbital plane, consisting of nine satellites, was successfully deployed in June 2022.

To date, Geespace has not only started mass production of satellites but also accomplished orbital plane level deployment and achieved constellation-level telemetry, tracking, and command (TT&C). The company is actively engaged in developing and testing new applications of low-orbit satellite networks.

With the initial deployment of its satellites and expansion of the Constellation with this second orbital plane satellites, Geespace joins a global league of enterprises including in showcasing its capability to construct and manage a commercial satellite constellation independently. Geespace also stands as the sole private entity in China to have established such a comprehensive satellite business model that includes satellite development, production, TT&C, and application.

Models among Geely Holding Group portfolio brands currently equipped with satellite communication functionality include the new Zeekr 001 FR, Zeekr 007 and Geely Galaxy E8.

By 2025, Geespace aims to establish satellite-based global real-time data communication services following the full deployment of 72 satellites in the Geely Future Mobility Constellation. The second phase of the Geely Future Mobility Constellation will expand the network to 168 satellites, delivering global centimeter-level high-precision positioning services.

This expansion is set to provide highly reliable and cost-effective satellite services to various sectors, from the mobility sector focusing on autonomous drive, smart connectivity to the consumer electronics sector and beyond.

Geespace satellites also come equipped with AI remote sensing functions, providing 1-5 meter clear high-resolution remote sensing imaging.


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