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Nikola opens first HYLA hydrogen refueling station in So Cal

Nikola Corporation, via the HYLA brand, has opened its first HYLA hydrogen refueling station in Southern California. Featuring an advanced modular fueler, the station at 2445 East Guasti Road in Ontario, California, represents the latest phase in Nikola’s commitment to providing hydrogen refueling solutions for Class 8 trucks.


The Ontario station will be capable of fueling up to 40 Nikola hydrogen fuel cell electric Class 8 trucks daily. This station is part of a strategic plan to establish up to 60 hydrogen refueling solutions in the coming years, with nine planned to be in place by the close of Q2 2024.

Nikola will provide 24/7 support with on-site HYLA Ambassadors and Operation Technicians.


The HYLA refueling solutions network will offer Nikola hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles and other Class 8 customers flexible refueling options, including modular and permanent HYLA stations, customer-owned facilities, and partnerships with public truck stops. Part of this network includes the recently announced 10-year agreement with FirstElement Fuel for a hydrogen refueling station in Oakland, California.



Unfortunately Nikola have very flakey finances, not having recovered from the damage done by their ex-leader.
I highlighted concerns about them some years ago on a financial forum.
Dunno if they will pull it round.


Meanwhile Daimler reckon they have reduced the costs and simplified liquid hydrogen refuelling:


I've got just a TAD more confidence in Daimler than Nikola! ;-)

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