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Magna has been awarded a contract to supply a North America-based OEM with a specialized primary rear eDrive system for one of the company’s high-end niche vehicle platforms. The award reinforces Magna’s commitment to supporting the automotive industry’s short and long-term transformational needs.

The complex system will be a variant of Magna’s 800V eDS Duo. Boasting 726 kW of power and 8,000 N·m of torque, this solution integrates two e-motors, two inverters, and two gearboxes into a single package.


Magna’s specialized eDrive system will deliver 726 kW of power, 8,000 N·m of torque to a high-end niche vehicle platform.

Magna’s responsibilities encompass the design of the gearbox and housing, the cooling system, and the integration of the e-motors and inverters to ensure reliability, efficiency, and continuous power levels.

The system will be manufactured at Magna’s facility in Ramos, Mexico, with serial production scheduled to start within the next few years.


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