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BAR Tech and Nervion partner on WindWings wing sails in Europe

BAR Technologies (BAR), a simulation-driven marine engineering consultancy, has entered into a partnership agreement with Nervion Naval Offshore (Nervion), a pioneer in floating offshore wind platforms, to manage and oversee the production of BAR Technologies’ WindWings wing sails (earlier post) in Europe.


WindWings combines wind propulsion with route optimization. This could increase the fuel efficiency of vessels in excess of 30% depending on if the installation is a retrofit or combined with a fully optimized newbuild hull, BAR says. Initially aimed at bulk carriers and tankers, further variations will be developed for other large ship types.

BAR has already secured 2 signed contracts for work on new vessels combining WindWings with hull optimization for a bespoke solution.

The agreement with Nervion, a company owned by Amper Group and with factories in Ferrol and As Somozas (Galicia, Spain), is the first manufacturing partnership for BAR Technologies outside of China, and is one that provides European customers—and/or any customers who utilize drydocks in the region—with local WindWings supply.

Under the terms of the agreement, Nervion will manage the value chain of procurement and construction of WindWings, and their installation throughout all the shipyards, in Europe. Additionally, Nervion will manage the servicing of WindWings during their operational life cycle, alongside running training on the operation of the wing sails for vessel crews.

BAR Technologies will retain the obligation to continue to innovate and establish additional WindWings sizes and offerings.

ons, and to continue the path towards the decarbonisation of global shipping.

BAR’s agreement with Nervion adds to its existing partnership with China Merchants (CMET), the latter offering sales and manufacture in Asia.



I proposed these years ago if you're running with the wind they can double as wind turbines.



I dunno if you have come across this:


The use of the Ayro Wingsail may make this the first totally zero emission yacht capable of a decent turn of speed without backup diesel.

That is important to get out of the way of nasty weather coming in!


The wind wings are easy to deploy they're like three airplane wings vertically you fold them together to furl, you bring them out they become wing sails you set them properly going down wind they become propulsion and generation.



The Wind Wings are basically for large vessels, I believe?

The reason that I am mainly interested in smaller craft is partly just because I am, but also because the last time I looked into it 5 years or so ago I was unconvinced that fuel savings on large veseels would be sufficient, especially considering their variability to offset extra costs of more time at sea when time is money, as it is in bulk carriers.

Of course that is derived also from my own take that it should be possible to use green hydrogen, or more accurately its derivatives, to power ships in a similar manner to present diesel ships and at similar speeds, so those who do not think that realistic may come to a different conclusion.

20 years ago I just fancied small safe reactors in very large vessels to do the job without emissions, but that does not seem to be happening! ;-)


You could use wing sails on a 40 foot catamaran like the one in your link.
They only used one wing but you could use two or three rotating on one mast.
They would be sails and a wind turbine

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