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The partnership announced in March 2023 between BMW Motorrad Motorsport and NORDOEL has led to the development of a fuel aimed at reducing the environmental impact of racing. By integrating advanced technologies and sustainable production processes, a fuel has been developed that not only keeps engine performance but also significantly reduces CO2 emissions during the production phase.

The CO2-reduced fuel RacE-Fuel WSBK R40-A, with a regenerative share of at least 40%, will officially debut at the start of the FIM Superbike World Championship (WorldSBK) season in Australia.

Initial tests with the alternative fuel were successfully completed in January in Jerez, Spain, and Portimao, Portugal. This was preceded by hours of development on the engine test facilities in Munich. During the tests in southern europe, the ROKiT BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team, Bonovo action BMW Racing Team, and BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Test Team optimized the efficiency and performance of the alternative fuel for motorsports.

The competitiveness and readiness for use of the regenerative fuel RacE-Fuel WSBK R40-A, with a minimum of 40% “non-fossil” content as mandated by the FIM regulations for 2024, were confirmed. Thus, the RacE-Fuel WSBK R40-A becomes the first regenerative fuel based on MtG (Methanol-to-Gasoline). Development work continues to deepen the insights from previous experiments and identify potential areas for optimization.

We are very excited about the collaboration with BMW Motorrad Motorsport to develop this innovative fuel RacE-Fuel WSBK R40-A. Our goal is to create sustainable solutions for the motorsport industry, and this CO2-reduced fuel is a significant step in that direction. The aim of our collaboration is to develop a 102 octane fuel with 99% CO2 savings, similar to eFuel 95 Octane (99% renewable).

—Dirk Wullenweber, Director Commercial Fuel & Marketing of NORDOEL



MTG was used by Exxon in New Zealand in the 1970s it was patented and been extended patents should not be monopoly licenses.

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