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Altilium, a UK-based clean technology group focused on supporting the transition to net zero, and SYNETIQ, the UK’s leading vehicle salvage, dismantling and recycling specialist, announced a new commercial collaboration which will see the two companies working together to recycle the growing number of EV batteries from cars that have been written off, thereby closing the loop on the UK battery supply chain and conserving natural resources.


SYNETIQ processes thousands of cars each year and currently has an inventory of damaged EVs across its UK facilities. The company has invested heavily in equipment to remove the batteries from these cars and store them safely. LV= Insurance works closely with SYNETIQ with the recovery and recycling of EV batteries from damaged or ‘total loss’ vehicles insured by LV=. These batteries will be processed at Altilium’s technology centre in Devon to recover the valuable raw materials, including lithium and nickel, for direct reuse in the production of new batteries.

Altilium is currently the only company in the UK recovering these critical battery metals from battery waste. Using hydrometallurgical recycling processes, the company can recover more than 95% of the battery metals. This innovative process results in a 50% reduction in carbon emissions compared to the use of virgin materials in battery production, and 20% lower costs, paving the way for more affordable and accessible electric vehicles.

Over the next decade, more than 100 million EV batteries are expected to reach end of life globally. The UK is the second-largest market for EVs in Europe but currently exports battery waste to Europe and Asia for processing, which is costly and results in more carbon emissions. By creating a domestic capacity for battery recycling, Altilium is offering an environmentally friendly solution for battery disposal and ensuring that the valuable resources remain in the UK supply chain.

Working with SYNETIQ will help to secure feedstock supply for Altilium’s fully circular battery recycling ecosystem, which will include the UK’s largest battery recycling and refining plant, to be located in Teesside. The plant will have the capacity to recycle waste batteries from 150,000 EVs a year, producing 30,000 MT of CAM, enough to meet 20% of the expected UK demand by 2030.

Altilium also plans to establish a number of regional battery recycling stations across the UK, some of which could be located within SYNETIQ’s facilities, including Doncaster and Winsford.


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