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HEULIEZ to supply 200 e-buses to Marseille

HEULIEZ, the urban bus brand of Iveco Group has been selected by Régie des Transports Métropolitains (RTM, the public transport operator of Marseille) to supply 200 electric buses, with a contract worth €125 million.


This significant order marks a major step forward in the large-scale electrification of Marseille’s public transport network. It will lead to more than a third of the RTM fleet becoming 100% electric by 2027, contributing substantially to the city’s energy transition goals.

The new generation GX 337 ELEC HEULIEZ buses chosen by RTM will be equipped with roof rails that enable them to be recharged via a descending pantograph, either at the depot or rapidly during service. An initial delivery of 35 units is anticipated by the end of 2024, with the remaining vehicles scheduled to be supplied by 2027.



Good application, as in the area it does not often get chilly enough for cold weather range issues to kick in much.

It gets a bit hilly in the outskirts, but it will be interesting to see the pantograph recharging in operation

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