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Deltamarin and BAR Technologies unveil a new wind-optimized hull and superstructure

Deltamarin and BAR Technologies introduced a new co-developed wind-optimized hull design. The partnership highlights Deltamarin and BAR Technologies’ ongoing dedication to decarbonization and forward-thinking innovation.

The Aframax/LRII design, named Aquilo, represents a significant leap in overall performance by integrating state-of-the-art hull design with WindWings technology. Recognizing uncovered potential in both existing ships and new builds, the collaboration focused on rethinking the concept design while optimizing hull and propulsion for substantial wind assistance.


The design ensures aerodynamic optimization through the positioning of the four WindWings and the AeroBridge, novel aerodynamically superior deck house design. The hull’s main dimensions and characteristics have been optimized for operation with significant wind assistance.

These advancements collectively contribute to a significant improvement in fuel efficiency. The simulations indicate a day consumption of less than 26.8mt/d at 14.5 knots and around 12.6mt/day at 12 knots in an average global route, which positions Aquilo as the new benchmark in sustainable ship design.


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