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Topsoe H2RETAKE ammonia cracking technology to boost Approtium’s hydrogen production in South Korea

Topsoe signed an engineering agreement with Approtium, a South Korean industrial supplier of hydrogen, to deliver Topsoe’s proven ammonia cracking technology, H2RETAKE, converting low-carbon ammonia, also referred to as blue ammonia, back into hydrogen.

Topsoe will deliver its technology to Approtium’s landmark project in Ulsan, South Korea. The facility is projected to produce 75,000 metric tons of hydrogen annually, which will support South Korea’s growing need for co-firing in the power generation sector. The project contributes significantly to South Korea’s target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions with 40% in 2030 (2018 as baseline).

H2RETAKE is Topsoe’s ammonia cracking technology, designed for the high-efficiency conversion of ammonia into high-purity hydrogen, with an energy efficiency of 96%. It produces high-quality hydrogen suitable for various industrial applications.

H2Retake has four essential steps:

  • Ammonia pretreatment
  • Industrially proven fired ammonia cracking
  • Integrated advanced recovery section
  • Final purification


A unique feature of H2RETAKE is its ability to use off-gases as fuel for the endothermic reaction, enhancing its overall efficiency. It can process any commercial-grade ammonia feed source, demonstrating its adaptability in different operational contexts for hydrogen production.

Approtium, founded in 1964, is South Korea’s largest domestic supplier in hydrogen and liquid CO2. Approtium has three different facilities in Ulsan, as well as a fourth factory in Seosan, Chungnam. Approtium currently supplies approximately 100,000 tons of hydrogen annually to a large number of industrial consumers within diverse set of sectors such as refining, petrochemicals, and semiconductors.


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