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The ID.7 is the flagship among electric Volkswagen models. Volkswagen is now expanding the ID.7 portfolio in Europe with an estate car: the all-new ID.7 Tourer. It is one of the first all-electric estate cars in the upper mid-sized class.


Volkswagen is also represented in this class with the new Passat Variant. Both product lines complement each other and together cover all relevant drive types—from highly efficient gasoline and diesel engines to plug-in hybrids with a predicted electric range of more than 100 kilometers (WLTP) and all-electric vehicles.

The new ID.7 Tourer combines the emissions advantages of electric mobility with long WLTP ranges (up to 685 km), a high-quality cockpit landscape, travel comfort and superior spaciousness—making it an ideal business car. Europe-wide presales are scheduled to start in the first quarter of this year.

The ID.7 Tourer differs significantly from the fastback at the rear. The long roof line and its elegant transition to the trunk lid in particular are striking design features of the electric estate. In terms of style, the Tourer is a fusion of a classic estate in the format of the Passat, and a dynamic shooting brake such as the Arteon.


With increased height at the rear, the luggage compartment volume is larger than that of the fastback; with five people on board, the ID.7 Tourer has a luggage capacity of up to 605 liters (rear seat backrest in cargo position). When loaded up to the backrests of the front seats and up to the roof, this figure rises to up to 1,714 liters.

The new ID.7 Tourer is equipped with the latest-generation electric drive system. Volkswagen will offer two different battery sizes for the ID.7 Tourer. Depending on the battery energy content, the electric touring car is expected to achieve WLTP ranges of up to 685 km. The largest battery is designed for a maximum charging capacity of up to 200 kW at DC quick-charging stations. At this power level, the battery can be recharged from 10 to 80% in significantly less than 30 minutes.

The new ID.7 Tourer will be launched with innovative technological features, including an augmented-reality (AR) head-up display equipped as standard. This projects information relevant to the journey into the driver’s field of vision, so their eyes can stay focused on the road. At the same time, the AR head-up display changes the cockpit architecture because it allows classic instruments to become compact.


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