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Lilium N.V, developer of an all-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) jet, has partnered with Star Charge, a provider of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and microgrid solutions, to develop, customize, and provide charging systems for its Lilium Jets.

At the Singapore Airshow, the companies announced that Lilium placed a first order of 120 chargers for its ground and flight testing aircraft, as well as for its aircraft maintenance and delivery center activities. Lilium will also provide charging stations to its customers investing into vertiports.

Lilium previously announced its adoption of the Combined Charging System (CCS) standard for rapid charging. Star Charge’s customized, fast-charging system will be fully compatible with the Lilium Jets and other eVTOLs compatible with CCS. The chargers will feature an extra-long liquid cooled charging cable for high-performance charging, suitable for varied landing infrastructure.

By using Star Charge’s CCS chargers, Lilium expects to reduce charging times significantly in comparison to other chargers without liquid cooled charging cables. Reduced charging times will support reduced turnaround times between flights and provide higher utilization of the Lilium Jet.

Lilium began production of the Lilium Jet in late 2023, following its Design Organization Approval by EASA. As Lilium expects to enter into service in 2026 and as its global fleet size grows, Lilium expects material profit contribution in recurring revenue from its Aftermarket Service Business, including electrical chargers.

Also at the Singapore Airshow, Lilium announced its newly established business unit—Lilium POWER-O—that will offer the full aircraft manufacturer services portfolio, including training services, maintenance operations, material and battery management and global distribution, flight operations support, ground service equipment, and digital solutions.

Work began on Lilium POWER-ON, two years ahead of the Lilium Jet’s expected entry into service. Lilium already announced a number of partnerships for its services business, including flight training with Lufthansa Aviation Training and FlightSafety International, and global material services with AJW Group, as well as digital aircraft health management solutions with Palantir.



Lets hope all goes well, as she is a beaut!

I was not really optimistic, not of course from any profound knowledge, but because the design is really pushing it, is more demanding for some of the loads than others such as Joby, but providing certification goes through, it looks as though we are about to find out!


Hardly a jet, though.
More like a multi fan.
+ the range is 155 miles.
+ the cost is $7-10 million.


Beta has a charge setup it looks like it's ready to go and UPS seems to think so. I'm a big fan of hybrid VTOL we get better range and you can come in and take off on electric everything's quiet and safe.

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