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SiAT Partners with CPDC to launch second-generation LMFP paste with phosphazene, enhancing battery safety

SiAT, a manufacturer of advanced nanomaterials for batteries in Taiwan, is collaborating with Taiwan petrochemical company CPDC to launch its second-generation lithium manganese iron phosphate (LMFP) paste, a product designed to significantly elevate the safety standards of batteries across the industry.

The new LMFP paste incorporates a proprietary blend that includes phosphazene, an organophosphorus compound known for its ability to mitigate cell flammability and reduce the energy released before thermal runaway.

This addition enhances the already proven effectiveness of the first-generation LMFP paste in stabilizing battery cells, especially those with high nickel content or lithium cobalt oxide cathodes, by mitigating exothermic reactions during thermal runaway scenarios.

Incorporating just a small percentage of this enhanced LMFP paste into battery cathodes can significantly boost safety without sacrificing energy density. Adding 5% to LCO batteries prevented catastrophic failure at high voltages of 4.45V in Nail Penetration Test. With 10% addition to NCM811 batteries at 4.3V, the batteries showed no signs of fire or smoke.

CPDC focuses on sustainable transformation and development towards fine and specialty chemicals including O-phenylphenol (OPP) derivative products, environmental-friendly materials, elastomers, and lithium battery additives.


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