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Weebit Nano Limited, a developer of advanced non-volatile memory (NVM) technologies for the global semiconductor industry, is demonstrating the high endurance and reliability of its Resistive Random-Access Memory (ReRAM) in extended automotive conditions, including high temperatures of 150 degrees Celsius and extended program cycles.

At a basic level, ReRAM (also called RRAM) is a memristor technology. Resistance can be programmed using electric voltage. The Weebit oxide-based ReRAM (OxRAM) cell consists of a thin oxide switching layer between two electrodes.

With its simple structure, a ReRAM cell is small, fast, easy to stack, and consumes extremely low power.

The Weebit ReRAM module in SkyWater Technology’s 130nm CMOS (S130) process has already been fully qualified at temperatures of up to 125 degrees Celsius—the temperature specified for Grade-1 automotive applications. Now, as part of Weebit’s ongoing efforts to demonstrate performance at higher temperatures and higher endurance levels, the company is demonstrating:

  • High endurance: 100K cycles (flash equivalent)

  • High-temperature stability: 150 degrees Celsius lifetime operation, including cycling and retention

The performance levels we’re achieving align with requirements specified by automotive companies. Demonstrating the resilience of Weebit ReRAM under these conditions will continue to enhance our position in this domain. Our latest results reaffirm the viability of Weebit ReRAM for use in microcontrollers and other automotive components, as well numerous other applications requiring high-temperature reliability and extended endurance. Weebit ReRAM is ideal for these applications, offering advantages including ease of integration, cost effectiveness, power efficiency and tolerance to radiation and electromagnetic fields.

—Coby Hanoch, CEO of Weebit Nano

Weebit’s Vice President of Quality and Reliability Amir Regev will present the test results during a session at the 8th Electron Devices Technology and Manufacturing Conference (IEEE EDTM 2024), being held in Bangalore, India, 3-6 March 2024.

The Weebit ReRAM IP module is available with full support in SkyWater’s S130 process design kit. The company is also working closely with DB HiTek to get its ReRAM technology qualified for customer designs.


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